The Digest

A series of informative, commentary articles on topical subjects relating to nutrition and health

Welcome to The Digest. Here you will find a range of articles which explain in simple, non-technical language some of the topics currently receiving attention in the popular and scientific media.

Although the articles have been written with the primary purpose of providing the layperson with an authoritative, reliable guide to the masses of information 'out there' on matters concerning nutrition and health, the subject material is taken to the very forefronts of scientific research and is therefore also likely to be of interest to scientists and health professionals. The articles are indeed for readers with a serious interest in nutrition and health – should you require condescending, dumbed-down messages, there are plenty of other places to look.

Thorough, detailed explanations and background information on many of the topics covered in these articles are given in Dr Burkitt's book Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice – all written in down-to-earth language and understandable by all, irrespective of scientific background.

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